Our Programs

Job Readiness


Our job readiness programs provide our youth with tangible, hands-on experience that will help ensure their success in the workforce. Programs include resume building, interview preparation, wardrobe selection, skill certification, and so much more. Many of of our programs are led by industry leaders who provide unique, exceptional services!

Leadership & Communication


Given that our youth are the future of our country, we believe in the importance of instilling within them strong positive values of leadership and effective communication. Regardless of the positions our youth find themselves in upon leaving our program, we have no doubt that a solid foundation of leadership and communication skills will help them achieve considerable success.

Community Service


The satisfaction and therapeutic benefit of giving back to the community is unlike anything our youth can experience. We've seen tremendous joy in our youth, many of whom have experienced significant challenges in their lives, when they give back to those in need. Our community service experiences are focused on building relationships, providing services and transforming lives. 

Art, Creativity & Spirituality


Our art, creativity and spirituality program provides our youth with the opportunity to freely express themselves in safe, positive and supportive environments. We've witnessed incredible talent amongst our youth, much of which has not been nurtured as a result of instability in their lives. Our art, creativity and spirituality program helps transform these skills into something truly remarkable!

Healthy Living


We know that maintaining a healthy, positive lifestyle is at the foundation of success for our youth. Our healthy living program focuses on nutrition and physical & mental fitness. Our youth explore these topics in engaging, fun and exciting ways which ensures a continued level of success and sustainability in their lives.  

Social Services


Youth Rising Above brings social services directly to our youth. Whether our youth need assistance completing a benefits application, searching for a home, financial support, or being connected with relevant external services, we ensure they're supported throughout the entire process. Our trained volunteers are committed to providing incredible support to those who need it most.