Youth Rising Above's Inaugural Camping Experience for Marginalized Youth

Youth Rising Above is committed to providing marginalized young people (ages 16-24) with dynamic and positive experiences that will help safely challenge and transform lives. This is why we created RISE Camp, Youth Rising Above's inaugural weekend camping experience! 

Where is RISE Camp Hosted?

Thanks to the generous support of Laurenwood Farm, we're able to host RISE Camp on their beautiful property in Loretto, Ontario. Be sure to visit them online or in person to find out more about their awesome farm! 

What happens at RISE Camp?

RISE Camp includes a weekend of dynamic adventure activities that will instill attributes of leadership and team building skills in those who attend; along with classes on camp craft; sports; canoeing and kayaking; fishing; horseback riding; learning about farm operations; and so much more. 

Youth will be sleeping in tents and sleeping bags (both temporarily loaned by RISE Camp). Youth are welcome to bring their own sleeping bags and pillows should they wish. 

Three meals a day will be provided to all youth, with dietary restrictions accommodated as best as possible. Water will be available on site at all times. Outhouses will be available for use on the farm.

Youth will be provided transportation to and from the farm. The pick up and drop off location for all youth will be in Toronto.

Who is RISE Camp for?

While RISE Camp focuses solely on providing genuine and wholesome camping experiences for all young people, our organization's primary mandate is to support marginalized youth populations (newcomers; youth with disabilities - as best as the farm can safely accommodate; youth experiencing homelessness; youth involved with the justice system; indigenous populations, black youth; racialized youth; youth identifying with the LGBTQ2S+ population; and, youth from low socio-economic environments). 

RISE Camp welcomes 10 youth per camping trip. Youth must apply (at the bottom of this page), spots are not guaranteed.

Who are the RISE Camp Staff?

RISE Camp is led by screened volunteers with years of experience and training in youth development, and specifically in working with marginalized populations. There will always be a staff member trained in Standard First Aid & CPR, Non-Violent Crisis Prevention and Positive Youth Development Approaches present at all times. 

How is Safety Ensured at RISE Camp?

The safety of participants in all our programs is of extreme importance to the team at Youth Rising Above, and RISE Camp is no different! Our team meets on a regular basis to ensure safety measures are implemented and constantly reviewed for improvements; which includes ensuring our staff are trained in First Aid & CPR; being equipped with First Aid equipment; inspecting the site in advance to screen for any potential safety hazards; liaising with the farm staff regarding any areas of concern; providing proper safety briefings prior to adventure activities; ensuring safety equipment (e.g. personal flotation devices) are in proper condition and in full use, and much more! Additionally, third party insurance coverage is provided for all RISE Camp participants.

Also, our team does not tolerate any form of discrimination/harassment/abuse towards any participants or staff. Participants who choose to engage in this behaviour may be at risk of being returned home.     

What do I need to Bring to RISE Camp?

Sleeping bags and tents will be temporarily loaned to all participants; however, those who wish to bring their own sleeping bags are welcome to do so. Bug spray and sun screen will also be available for use. Participants should bring the following: 

  • Personal toiletries (i.e. toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, feminine hygiene products, etc.)
  • Pillow (optional)
  • Water bottle
  • Swimwear
  • Appropriate footwear to wear outdoors in either muddy or wet terrain
  • Socks and underwear for 3 days
  • Long sweater/jacket in case of cold weather
  • Rain jacket/poncho/waterproof outerwear in case of wet weather
  • Clothing to wear outdoors for 3 days, i.e. shorts, t-shirt, etc.
  • Clearly labeled and sealed prescription medication, life saving medication (i.e. inhalers, epi-pens, etc.) if applicable

How do I Sign Up for RISE Camp?

Only 10 youth (16-24 years old) spots are available. Youth may apply for RISE Camp by completing the form below. Spots are not guaranteed. Applicants will be contacted once a decision has been made.

Interested in Supporting RISE Camp?

The cost to operate RISE Camp on an annual basis is supported entirely by donations from the general public. These donations cover the cost of food, equipment, rentals, insurance, transportation and more. If you're interested in supporting RISE Camp through a financial donation, click the button below to learn more! Anyone interested in supporting with equipment donations (e.g. sleeping bags, tents, etc.) can contact us directly. Thanks for your anticipated support of RISE Camp!