About the Youth Advisory Committee

We believe in the importance of incorporating young people into all aspects of our organization, which is why we formed our Youth Advisory Committee (YAC). The YAC is made up of young people from across Toronto, with lived experience of the services we provide. They meet regularly to advise on all aspects of our organization, from our marketing material, our programs/services, our policies, to how we engage with our community. The YAC is also quite involved in delivering various community services of their own, on behalf of Youth Rising Above; including fundraising initiatives, program design and outreach, research and more! 

Who Serves on the YAC?

Six youth, ages 16-24 years old, who reflect the communities/youth we serve, and have not used YRA services for at least six months. Youth complete an application and screening process, and attend an orientation session in order to serve on the committee. 

How Long do YAC Members Serve on the Committee?

Youth are expected to serve for a 1 year commitment, meeting monthly either through in-person or phone meetings. 

How are YAC Members Recognized?

Youth photos and blurbs are listed on our website as an integral part of our team. Youth are also provided with valuable training, experience, supports and supervision, and a letter of reference upon successful completion of their term. The training and experience youth members will receive will be valuable for professions in project management; community development; program design; fundraising; marketing, and more! Youth will also receive a $150 honourarium at the end of their term, along with transit tokens to get to and from meetings. 

Interested in Supporting our Youth Advisory Committee?

The  cost to operate YRA’s Youth Advisory Committee on an annual  basis is supported entirely by donations from the general public. These  donations cover the cost of food, transit tokens, supplies and participation honouraria for each youth. If  you're interested in supporting our Youth Advisory Committee through a financial donation, click the button below to learn more!  Thanks for your anticipated support!

Youth advisory committee role description

YAC Role Description (pdf)


Youth Advisory Committee Application