Gothedistance Mentorship program

What is the GoTheDistance Mentorship Program?

Youth Rising Above’s GoTheDistance Mentorship Program is a 6-month, one-to-one mentoring program that offers opportunities to youth who are marginalized or at-risk, between the ages of 16 and 24, to receive thoughtful and authentic guidance in the areas of Career Development, Life Skills, Leadership, Communication, or the Arts! In keeping with Youth Rising Above’s mission to provide young people with the opportunity to live wholesome, successful and enriching lives, this program will empower mentees to set personal goals; network with dedicated mentors; and discuss ways in which they can maximize their growth, knowledge, and positive development; while leading to increased overall success and well-being. 

How will the GoTheDistance Mentorship Program run?

All mentors and mentees will begin by attending an orientation session to connect with each other,  learn about the program, and start setting goals together. Following the orientation session, mentees will meet with their mentors for a minimum of 2 hours a month (for 6 months) to allow for regular communication and tracking of goals. Mentors and mentees will be encouraged to set their own meeting schedule (which can include phone calls, in addition to in-person meetings), at a time that works best for both of them. Mentors and mentees may meet at a coffee shop, a public library, a school, etc. and review over goals or create action plans. Some mentors may provide job shadowing opportunities to their mentees, after checking in with YRA staff. The Youth Rising Above team will check in with mentors and mentees every month, to ensure all is going smoothly and will be happy to support along the way. 

Who is the GoTheDistance Mentorship Program for?

While the GoTheDistance Mentorship Program welcomes all young people, our organization’s primary mandate is to support marginalized youth populations (newcomers; youth with disabilities; youth experiencing homelessness; youth involved with the criminal justice system; indigenous youth; black youth; racialized youth; youth identifying with the LGBTQ2S+ population; youth from low socio-economic environments; and, youth experiencing substance use).

Given that this is a one-to-one mentoring program with limited space, GoTheDistance is accepting 10 mentors and 10 youth per cohort. Mentors and youth must apply at the bottom of this page; spots are not guaranteed.

Who are the GoTheDistance Mentors?

GoTheDistance Mentors are adults who have completed an orientation/training session, have experience in their respective fields, and are looking to contribute to meaningful community development work. All GoTheDistance Mentors will be responsible for producing a vulnerable sector screening police check and pass and interview and reference check screening process. Mentors will be matched with mentees based on interest, lived experience, and other applicable areas. 

Completion Bonus and Extra Incentives

In order to ensure successful completion of our program for all mentees, transit tokens will be provided to mentees on an as needed basis. Mentees who complete the full 6-month mentorship program, and submit monthly reflections will also receive a $100 honorarium at the end of the 6-month program.

Interested in Supporting Our GoTheDistance Mentorship Program?

The cost to operate YRA’s GoTheDistance Mentorship Program on an annual basis is supported entirely by donations from the general public. These donations cover the cost of food, equipment, rentals, training materials, transit, police checks, mentee honorariums and more. If you're interested in supporting our GoTheDistance Mentorship Program through a financial donation, click the button below to learn more! Thanks for your anticipated support!


Interested in becoming a mentor?

We encourage you to continue visiting our website for future mentor opportunities.