ANNUAL CN TOWER CLIMB for united way gta

Join Us for our Annual CN Tower Stair Climb

Youth Rising Above believes in the importance of providing young people with relevant, engaging and diverse learning environments; which is why every year, we provide the opportunity to dozens of youth who are marginalized or at-risk to challenge themselves and grow, as they climb all 1776 steps of Canada's tallest free-standing structure, the CN Tower! 

Our climbers learn about teamwork,  perseverance, commitment, determination and attitude prior to making their way up the tower. We love seeing the immediate transformation in our youth the moment they exit the staircase at the top of the tower to hundreds of cheering supporters; climbers who may often be rejected or encounter numerous obstacles as they navigate life, soon become ecstatic as a result of their accomplishment...and we LOVE being a part of that! 

Thanks to our generous supporters at Sunset Grill (CBC building) - 205 Wellington Street W., Toronto, we're able to provide this innovative and exciting opportunity to our youth population, free of charge! While our team climbers are welcomed to raise funds, their registration fee and minimum funds raised requirement are waived thanks to our friends at Sunset Grill...making this opportunity for at-risk youth truly accessible.  

Where do funds Raised Go?

Youth Rising Above climbs the CN Tower annually for the United Way Greater Toronto. We believe the United Way's commitment towards improving communities, supporting marginalized populations and addressing poverty align well with our own organization's mission and vision statement, and ultimately help improve the lives of our mutual clients. We know that the United Way does phenomenal work in communities across Canada through their partner agencies, and we believe it's only right to help bolster these efforts! 

Please note: The Youth Rising Above team is sponsored entirely by our corporate sponsor, and thus no YRA funds are utilized to support this event. 

How does it work?

Youth from our referring/partner agencies interested in joining the YRA team to climb the CN Tower simply have to sign up on our website (application below)! All participants must sign a waiver provided by the United Way, participants under the age of 16 must have this waiver signed by a parent/guardian (Youth Rising Above can support with this as well). 

All YRA climbers will meet at a designated location (to be confirmed by YRA in an email directly to climbers) for 7am on the day of the climb. Participants will check in through the group registration, drop off their bags/belongings at the coat check, do some stretches and chat for a bit, and then make our way up the tower. 

Climbers will have the opportunity to check out the tower once at the top, and then ride the elevator back down. All climbers will receive a United Way climb t-shirt with their recorded time. A group photo will also be provided to climbers. 

How do I Prepare for the Climb? 

Though the climb can be incredibly rewarding, it can also be very physically and mentally demanding....but we promise it's all worth it when you make it to the top! The climb is also inclusive of everyone, including all fitness levels, but we encourage everyone to spend a bit of time preparing in advance of the climb. This can include simple things like taking the stairs instead of the escalator/elevator; getting off your bus/subway stop early and walking the rest of the way; light walking/jogging a few times a day; stretching in the morning, etc. 

Some tips for climb day: 1) Slow climbers stay to the right to allow passing by faster climbers; 2) Join us for stretching and cool down before and after the climb; 3) Eat a light and small meal before the climb (no less than 30-90 minutes), but packed with carbs for energy; 4) Wear comfortable running shoes and clothing; 4) Breathe, pace yourself, and have FUN!!!

Help Support Events like this and More!

Thanks to our community partners, sponsors and donors, we're able to continue providing young people with the opportunity to participate in life changing learning experiences! If you too would like to be a part of impacting the lives of youth at-risk, visit our "Support Us" page for more info on how you can get involved! 


CN Tower Stair Climb Info Flyer (pdf)